Giving Opportunities

Mission Statement

The Columbia Stem Cell Initiative has been created to:

1. Establish an interactive community of researchers and clinicians working at Columbia University in stem cell-related fields

2. Enhance the visibility of Columbia stem cell research for clinicians, scientists, patients and their families, and the general public

3. Generate funding opportunities and shared facilities that will further
strengthen the competitiveness of stem cell research at Columbia.

4. Educate the next generation of scientists and clinicians, as well as the general public, about the realities and potential of stem cell research

5. Create synergistic partnerships with other institutions and foundations working to advance stem cell research and therapeutics

6. Advocate for public policy promoting stem cell based research and therapies



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Stem Cell Seminar

Ed Morrisey, PhD
April 29, 2015
NI Auditorium

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CSCI Internal Seminar


Next Internal Seminars will be on

April 13, 2015 in Hammer 312 at 3:15pm

Speakers: TBD (Abate-Shen lab)

Salma Begum (Laufer lab)

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Director's note

Welcome to the new website for the Columbia Stem Cell Initiative (CSCI), which coincides with a new effort to structure stem cell research at Columbia and to enhance its visibility.

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