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The New York Stem Cell Foundation (NYSCF) has released RFA for Postdoctoral Fellowship

The goal of this award is to promote research on stem cells derived from human and model organisms that will advance the understanding and eventual use of stem cells for the treatment of human diseases.

The fellowship will provide an annual stipend of $50,000, plus $2,500 for computers and travel expenditure, (but no institutional overhead) and will be awarded for 2 years, with the possibility of extension for a 3rd year depending on the progress.

Applicants must have a MD pr PhD degree.

Deadline for application: Before 5:00 pm (EST) on Jan 18 by email to

For details, click here

Or visit:


Helmsley Stem Cell Starter Grants


Recipients of the Second Helmsley Stem Cell Starter Grant (summer 2011):


  • Fiona Doetsch, PhD

Associate Professor, Pathology and Cell Biology and Neuroscience (Neurology)

Chemical screens for activators of quiescent adult neural stem cells

  • Oliver Hobert, PhD

Professor, Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics

Targeting chromatin regulation to enhance neuronal subtype specification from stem cells

  • Tom Maniatis, PhD

Isidore S. Edelman Professor of Biochemistry

Chair, Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics

“A new method for generating induced Pluripotent Stem cells (iPS cells) that allows the removal of reprogramming genes, and site specific insertion of reporter genes.”

  • Sid Mukherjee, MD, D.Phil

Assistant Clinical Professor, Medicine-Oncology

“A niche-based Chemical Screen to identify modulators of hematopoietic stem cells”

Congratulations to all of them.

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Stem Cell Seminar

November 18, 2015

Maike Sander, MD

Professor, Dept. of Pediatric and
Cellualr & Molecular Medicine

University of California, San Diego

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CSCI Internal Seminar



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Columbia Stem Cell Day

Monday , May 11, 2015

9:30 AM -5:00 PM
Organized by 

Columbia Stem Cell Initiative (CSCI)
Myrna Daniels Auditorium and the Riverview Terrace
Vivian and Seymour Milstein Family Heart Center
173 Fort Washington Avenue, New York, NY 10032




Director's note

Welcome to the new website for the Columbia Stem Cell Initiative (CSCI), which coincides with a new effort to structure stem cell research at Columbia and to enhance its visibility.

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